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Makoto: Destruction and restoration repeat. Since the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, the atoms that make up our bodies have gathered, become stars, burned out, been compressed, and released. Again they form spirals, mix together, then separate. Someday, when life dies out and the Earth comes to an end, we will become part of a great spiral again.
Makoto: A spiral. Spirals appear in galaxies, typhoons, and even biomolecules. They're an innate pattern of life.
Hibiki: The person I always thought I was wasn't really me. After you arrived, I became me for the first time. It's because you came here.
To Uta.
Kai: Film all you want! All you'll get is footage of yourselves losing!
Undertaker Leader: With increased views, fortunes are rising this month.

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