Quotes tagged with trans. Dark Horse Comics (best)

Guts: What the hell!! Women are such royal pains! No physical strength! Things go to their heads so damn fast! And periods to top it off. Just look at ya. I guess they just ain't cut out for it.
Griffith: Those who die on the battlefield are not royalty, nobility, or commoners. They are the defeated who die.
Far in the future, beyond the end of history, myths are resurrected. They are... terata. They are... giganto.
Kujaku: When I see someone in trouble, I like to make things more complicated for them. I'm nice like that.
Delos: To hate them... that would make me feel like I had lost.
Katsuji Yashima: You turn your backs on anything that doesn't suit you. You think about nothing but yourselves. Acting like that, if you think anyone's gonna help you when you need it most, you're dreaming! It was fucking brats like you who created this goddamn wasteland!! Worthless punks!!!
Delos: Ogun's fist is here. It carries the entire weight of the Scarab tribe's emotions. You can't just casually avoid that.

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