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Sulya: You asked why I can live in this world. And that's because I have something that fuels me. It's a fuel that will keep me going for the rest of my life. And that's because the last Star Wars film ended on a cliffhanger. In the old world, it was prohibited to read novels or watch movies, let alone make them. But in the next culture... I don't care if it takes tens of thousands of years! I'm going to raise that culture to the exact same level as the era when they made Star Wars... so I can watch the next movie in the franchise! All this destruction is necessary in order to make that possible!
To Judah.
Togata: A fire goes out without firewood. People are the same way. You can't keep going without the fuel to live.
Sun: My name's Sun! My favorite food's potatoes an' sweets!
Luna: Live.
To Agni.
Saeko Busujima: One who practices the way of the sword knows its demands. The skill of the wielder! The quality of the sword! And strength of mind!! If these demands are met, a sword will not lose its combative strength, no matter how many people it cuts down.
Kouta Hirano: I can't believe I scored a head shot on a gun I've never even tested out before! I really am a natural at these things.

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