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Keiki Kiryu: I'm on a date with such a cute girl... Maybe tomorrow is the day I die.
Yuika Koga: Big breasts are the bane of existence for all flat-chested girls.
Keiki: Your breasts are touching!
Sayuki: That's not significant.
Keiki: I disagree, your breasts are quite significant...
Kanata Hoshijima: There's no shame in self-expression.
Aries Spring: Adults can lie, but true emotions can't be faked.
Finn Zweig: Teen years are fleeting, Ulgar. You can be a shiny teen or a dull teen. Either way, it's over when you're 20. After that, it's all up to you. Think about what kind of life you want to live. Those that don't think get left behind.
Kanata Hoshijima: I hate that word, "hopeless."
Kanata Hoshijima: Survival tip number five: If you give up, it's game over.
Ulgar Zweig: Two ships of the same type, both broken near each other. It's like two coffins side by side.
Luca Esposito: Worrying about stuff that's out of my control is a waste of time. I'd rather focus on how to make things more fun. No matter what happens, the one who enjoys the ride is always the winner.
Kanata Hoshijima: If we're surrounded by darkness... we have to hold each other's hands.
Kanata Hoshijima: You don't know what you don't know, no matter how hard you think.
Ulgar Zweig: We'll get swallowed up by despair if we don't do anything, so we do what we can.

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