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Anita Hailey: Don't be embarrassed. An accent is like a decoration on your speech.
Harley Hartwell: There ain't no magic trick ta make yer sin disappear...
Rachel Moore: Courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right.
Anita Hailey: Crime in Japan seems to be getting more American by the day.
Kaito Kid: What's the thrill of knowing what's in the box before you open it?
Amy: For our next activity, let's search that mysterious house on Block 2!
George: You mean the place next door to Doc Agasa's?
Mitch: Rumor has it that it's haunted!
Conan: Nooo! That's my house!
Yumi: Hey! Enough about my ex!!
Conan: Nobody asked you for the details...
Conan: Hey, why is this café named Poirot?
Azusa: Oh, the manager is a big fan of mystery novels. Have you heard of Hercule Poirot? He took the name from him! He's that famous chubby detective.
Conan: Oh yeah! I've seen him on TV! The detective in the rumpled raincoat who always says "My wife..."
Azusa: No, no! That's not Poirot! That's Columbo.
Meguire: Hey, why are we telling him the details of this case?
Wilder: Sorry, force of habit...
About Richard.
Jodie Starling: She already has something I didn't have back then. Something potentially dangerous that could cause a lot of trouble. But something that inspires courage too.
About Anita.
Richard Moore: I wish murders like that only happened in video games and TV shows. Losing someone in real life is nothing like watching it happen on a screen...
Shuichi Akai: The great actress Sharon Vineyard was famous for her performance in the play "Golden Apple". You're as beautiful as you were back then... but inside you're wrinkled and rotten!
To Vermouth.
(Conan puts his glasses on Anita)
Conan: You know what? For some reason, nobody can recognize you with these glasses! Clark Kent would kill for a pair like these, you know?
Anita: Oh... And what are you without the glasses? Superman?
Jodie Starling: It's that air of mystery that makes a woman, you know...
Anita Hailey: If I died at the gullotine like Marie... maybe Doyle would drown herself in the river seine like Marie's dog Thisbe.
To Doyle, a dog held by her.

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