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Richard: Forget about him! Detectives are good-for-nothings!!
Rachel: But, dad, you're a detective!
Richard: A case is calling me...! Never fear. The great private investigator Richard Moore will look everything over!!
Rachel: "Will overlook everything" is more like it...
HlΓΆkk: If you can't even look sad when you're feeling sad, I really feel sorry for you.
Jimmy Kudo: I don't want to write about detectives... I want to be one!! I'm going to be a modern-day Sherlock Holmes!!
Rachel Moore: At that moment, I had a strange premonition... that I would never seen Jimmy again... A bad premonition.
When Jimmy runs after the men in black.
Jimmy Kudo: Theories aren't about winning or losing. It's not a matter of better or worse. In every case... one truth prevails.
To Hattori.
Conan Edogawa: Wowee! A Game-Man! Yay! Yaiba's Big Adventure! Go Yaiba!! Beat Onimaru!!
Conan Edogawa: It's infuriating! He warns us of murder and then cooly carries it out!! I won't let him get away with this!!
Ishida: You're... Pesche Guatiche.
Pesche: Wow! He remembered my full name after only hearing it once! Does he...?
Pesche: Wait. Do you... like me?
Conan Edogawa: My name's Jimβ€” No, it's uh... Conan!!! My name is... Conan Edogawa!!!

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