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Iron Maiden Jeanne: Insulting others is the root of evil.
Amidamaru: True friendship is about competing to push each other to greater heights.
Yoh Asakura: At the start, everything was pitch black. All kinds of thoughts came into my head. The more I thought, the worse it got. But then I stopped thinking. I realized all I could do was keep pressing forward. Then things would work out somehow, sometime!
Yoh Asakura: Grandpa used to say it. Human beings are like cancer cells. They greedily devour the cells around them and make them into their own kind. And then, they destroy themselves along with the person that's hosting them.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: Sushi chef or Shaman, as long as it makes me look cool! Because cool gets the girls!
Yoh Asakura: Sure, maybe I am a bit too carefree. But rather than being afraid of a future which I don't even know what will happen in, I think it's much more valuable to think about what's important right now. Well, that's just my naΓ―ve outlook at present, anyway.
Yoh: I haven't seen Ren look like he's having such a good time in ages. It's cute when he gets like this.
Anna: "Cute"?
Yoh Asakura: It's tough having lots of things that are important to you. And sometimes, when you want something, you have to give up something else. What matters is your heart.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: A promise is like a law. It must not be broken.
Yoh: Is it just me, or are you a little taller than you were before?
Ren: Of course, I am! I drink three glasses of milk a day!
Yoh: Wake us up so we don't oversleep, okay, Amidamaru?
Amidamaru: Glad to be of service after so long.
Ren: Bason. I don't trust him on his own.
Bason: Your old faithful Alarm Bason, my liege.
Peyote DΓ­az: Chasing an empty dream with pitiable strength and rushing to your own death... If that's what manliness is, then I deem it foolish.
Yoh Asakura: What I want is to listen to my favorite music every day and live an easy life.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: The world is currently cloaked in colossal darkness. Morality has been lost. Wickedness runs rampant. People commit sin upon sin and do nothing but hurt one another. I want to amend that. I want the pain and the sin to be gone. That's why I swore to our god I would bear all of that with my own body. If he would grant me the power to save the world, I would become an Iron Maiden myself and carry the burden of the people's crime and suffering. So that the world may know peace!
Orona: Has killing anyone ever eased the pain in your heart, sad little boy who forgot his smile? Try laughing. Laughter is a wind. The only way to blow away the darkness in your heart is to laugh and forget about it.
To Joco.
Ponchi: The strong ones doing the fighting are me, Ponchi...
Conchi: And me, Conchi!
Ponchi: Hey, chicks!
Conchi: Don't think you'll get away with it just because it's us!
Ponchi: We'll get our balls out!
Conchi: And touch your boobs!
Yoh Asakura: I thought I told you not to kill anyone! Killing people because they're a nuisance makes you no different from Hao!
To Marco.
Yoh Asakura: The reason I lost to Faust was because I forced myself. I hate forcing myself to be something I'm not. Losing sight of who I am is what really scares me. Because when that happens, I have no idea what I should do and what I must not do.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: Shouldn't a happy place be somewhere that soothes us to the bottom of our hearts, a place of respite?
Manta: I look pretty rough, don't I? I can't believe I'm going to die looking like this...
Yoh: Don't be silly! If you die, I... I... I'll make you my Spirit Ally!
Manta: You idiot!
Anna Kyoyama: Don't worry about it. I'm Yoh's fiancΓ©e, and you're just a fan.
To Tamao when she confessed that she loves Yoh.
Tao Ren: In this world, hatred continually breeds yet more hatred. I will try to change that, even if it costs my life.
Yoh Asakura: Grudges, huh? Who has the time to hang on to those forever? It's better just to forget about them.
Faust VIII: My family has found cures for hundreds of diseases. Nevertheless, patients still die. Old age, accidents… In the end, death defeated me. What can I do to overcome the hateful thing that is death? Why must the flesh decay? Why do people continue to be born when we know that fate awaits us? Why do we frantically try to live as we head towards death?
Amidamaru: Everyone lives with worries, and they are not few in number. But what matters is how you overcome those worries and fears. Your philosophy that things will work out in the end... I believe you are quite right to have that courage.
Faust VIII: Perhaps it's hard for you to comprehend. You may know the pain of losing something precious, but you don't know what it means to love.
To Marco.
Asanoha: To hate people is to hate yourself. To forgive them is to save yourself. ... Happiness and sadness, anger and hatred... To carry all of them with you is to be human. If you're to be a king, first you must love people.
To Hao.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: My cut hair tells the story of my battles. Every time it's sliced, I grow stronger. In other words, I'm a Shaman now.
Anahol Pokki: I swore revenge on my brother's stylish nose!
Yoh Asakura: I don't force myself. That's why it's not hopeless.
To Ren.
Pascual Abaj: A person's thoughts are enough to make them miserable or happy. But when confronted with the onslaught of reality, there aren't many who can find the happiness in it.
Matamune: The long history of the darkness that haunts people's hearts continues to repeat itself. Some are dragged into wars. Others carry sadness with them. And there are countless other earthly burdens people must bear. The cause of all of that heartbreak is simply the inability to trust one another. Rather than believing you will be betrayed and acting with hostility preemptively, people would find themselves happier if they don't succumb to harboring suspicion. That is what love is.
Bill Burton: Does rushing to the aid of your friends, knowing it meant death, make you a hero? Or just a fool?
Lyserg Diethel: There are lots of people in this world on whom no logic will work. I think the wicked people in society are the ones who won't reflect on their actions after hurting others. The incorrigibly wicked ought to be put to death.
Yoh Asakura: You get what you give.
Tao Ren: It seems that as humans doubt themselves, they can't help but lose sight of the way.
Lyserg Diethel: Winning a battle doesn't mean defeating your opponent. It means being able to have a smile on your face afterward.
Anna Kyoyama: As long as Yoh and I are around, this world will never come to an end!
Hang Zang-Ching: School report cards, company performance metrics, salaries... The day you see those damn numbers, no matter how much confidence you have, you're crushed by the weight of reality.
Yoh Asakura: I forgot that I started training in the first place to become the Shaman King. I guess at some point, I started training just for the sake of training.

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