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Aki: This place has good coffee.
Denji: Oh yeah? I've never had coffee before. Gross! This stuff is muddy water!
Power: What a fool! A kid wouldn't appreciate the taste of coffee! (...) Hrlp...! Ditchwater!!
Aki: Shut up! Be quier inside the restaurant!
Denji: Hey! You tricked us! This is mud!
Power: 'Tis ditchwater you drink!!
Himeno: To be honest with you, everybody's getting pretty worn down.
Power: I'm bored, so I was thinking up a Nobel Prizewinning invention! If I win a Nobel Prize, humans will grovel before me! And then I'll use my Nobel Prize as a steppingstone to become prime minister! I want to watch humans suffer... So my first act as prime minister will be to implement a 100 percent sales tax!
Denji: She seems the same as always to me.
Himeno: Oh. That's... good then.
Makima: Death. War. Hunger. There are many things in this world that humanity would be happier without.
Denji: Every woman I meet tries to murder me!! Everybody's after my Chainsaw heart! What about my heart?! Denji's! Does nobody want that?! Huh?!
To Reze.
Denji: Maybe I became a devil hunter for a really shallow reason, but I'm willing to die to keep living like this. Actually, I take that back. My life isn't mine alone.
To Aki.
Makima: Did you forget? You're my pet. Only answer with "yes" or "woof." I don't need a dog who says "no."
To Denji.
Denji: "If I'm gonna get killed, let it be at the hands of a hottie." That's my motto.
To Reze.
Kyouma Mabuchi: A robot, afraid of ghosts? Gimme a break.

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