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Chiaki Oogaki: You just won't shut up about Mount Fuji, so starting today, you'll be known as "Fujiko."
To Nadeshiko.
Chiaki: If you love Mount Fuji so much, why not hang out with the mountain climbing club? I hear they climb it every year.
Nadeshiko: No way!! Like I could climb Mount Fuji!! I'm completely satisfied just gazing at it from afar...
Chiaki: You're like a girl with a one-sided crush.
Nadeshiko Kagamihara: It's so narrow... Like an eel's bed...
About the club room.
Rin: Want some ramen?
Nadeshiko: Ehh? You'll give me some!?
Rin: 1,500 yen.
Nadeshiko: C-Can you just bultibly this by fifteen...?
Rin: I was kidding.
Sakura Kagamihara: You know you can't call that phone "mobile" if you don't carry it with you!!
To Nadeshiko.
Nadeshiko: The hot spring was so pleasant, my brain stopped working!
Aoi: Right!! Hot springs are fearsome!
Nadeshiko Kagamihara: That's life, I tells ya! Some things just happen!
Sakura: I'm gonna go buy breakfast from the convenience store. What do you want?
Nadeshiko: Barbecue fried rice and pudding and fried chicken and red bean bun and potato chips and Baumkuchen and ice cream and tonkotsu.
Sakura: Right, rice balls and tea, then.
Nadeshiko: Oh...
Nadeshiko: Something that screams "camping"! I'm looking forward to tonight!
Aoi: So curry or something?
Nadeshiko: Y-You'll see!!
Chiaki: So curry, then?
Aoi: Gotta be curry.
Chiaki: I could retire to a place like this.
Aoi: At our age, we should be more worried about career paths than retirin'.
Ena: I woke up at three, but the warm embrace of my futon lulled me back to sleep.
Rin: You actually slept fourteen hours?
Ena: Well, I'm heading to bed.
Rin: You're sleeping again? Just go ahead and marry your bed.
Ena: No can do. I'm already married to my kotatsu. Such a thing would never be allowed.
Rin: Knock it off with your original soap opera.
Minami Toba: Rum goes better with hot cocoa than you'd think.
Chiaki Oogaki: Getting paid made me feel so powerful, I got carried away.
Patches: Go on, follow your damn grace to the Erdtree or wherever you like.
Aseo: Bro!! You're the best kind of trash there is, brother Patches... Whenever I see trash from now on, I'll think of you! Promise...!!
Chiaki Oogaki: Sharing in the labors, the losses... Making memories is the true flavor of camping!!
Rin Shima: I didn't notice it during the day, but when the town lights are hone, it's kinda lonely.
Ena: Chikuwa, I have a treat for youuu! C'mere. It's sausage.
Nadeshiko: Oh, he came out!!
Ena: Nadeshiko-chan, hold this.
Nadeshiko: Huh?
Ena: Now run!!
Nadeshiko: Huh? Huh?! Okay!!
(Nadeshiko runs, Chikuwa right behind her)
Ena: It's survival of the fittest, Nadeshiko-chan.
Melina: What is your name?
Aseo: Y'know, I just realized I have no idea.
Melina: May I suggest one? The Tarnished are also known as Asebito... so Aseo it is.
Kyouma Mabuchi: A robot, afraid of ghosts? Gimme a break.
Rin Shima: The parts you don't plan make the journey more fun... At least, that's what grandpa said.
Hikari: There's nothing embarrassing about saying you love the person you love!
Saeko Busujima: One who practices the way of the sword knows its demands. The skill of the wielder! The quality of the sword! And strength of mind!! If these demands are met, a sword will not lose its combative strength, no matter how many people it cuts down.
Kouta Hirano: I can't believe I scored a head shot on a gun I've never even tested out before! I really am a natural at these things.

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