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Kei Nagai: Personal feelings just complicate matters. You can't rely on them to turn your situation around. I've known that people destroy themselves when they get carried away with their emotions.
Yu Ominae: Like I give a damn about the end of humanity. The world is messed up, but everything important to me, my friends and allies, they're all here.
Yu Ominae: Our science can be pretty amazing, but nothing can stand up against the power of nature. Apparently, not even a civilization of gods.
Bowman: This planet could swallow up and wash away all the prosperity the human intellect has wrought as though it were nothing. No human love or hatred will remain, but life and its workings will. You and I are but single parts of that. And that's why you and I are able to stand upon this earth. Why we can look upon this landscape. And yet, people continue to dig up the past, hungry to reclaim the prosperity of bygone years. After the ancient artifacts were used to gain power, after they were made into weapons, they will be turned on this land before us.
Yu Ominae: You say you wanna change the world, and you justify it by invoking God. But you do actually know, don't you? God is just an excuse people use to run away from their sins. You are no God. You're... human! Which means that the future of humanity will always be decided by us humans.
To MacDougall.
Suzuko Kawahara: You've spent too much time online. You should learn a bit more commonsense.
To Yu.

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