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Bardock: A Saiyan would rather die than run from an enemy!!
Anya: The people look like trash from up here.
Loid: Where'd you learn that?
Anya Forger: Papa is the world's biggest liar. But... he's a cool liar.
Piccolo: I'll mold you into the perfect little demon.
To Pan.
Mamoru Mikuriya: If you want people to enjoy your story, first you need to understand what they enjoy. Focus on the other person, rather than putting yourself out first and foremost. You're still very young so it's not worth agonizing over. Just try out different things! And if you fail, that's all right. Isn't making funny stories out of failure one of the best parts of rakugo?
Matsuri Kazamaki: There's no way someone would confess their love with a mouthful of sweet potato.
Guriko Arakawa: Rakugo isn't just giving a speech. It's the art of depicting a conversation.
Kyoji Arakawa: You have to understand, rakugo is a business about pleasing the audience who's come to see you. If you cannot please a single person in your presence, you're not cut out for this.
Maruo Kaido: I already know what I want to be—a manga protagonist! Goku. Kinnikuman. Jotaro. I wanna be like them. So, when I was little, I started doing the same training they did in the manga. Over and over and over. By the time I was seven, I could split boulders. But... I've learned my lesson. For a normal person making a normal life... strength just isn't necessary. A manga is just a manga.
Shinta Arakawa: The relationship of master and apprentice is akin to parent and child.
Maruo Kaido: That whole "Strong eat the weak" stuff isn't hype at all. For me, it's way cooler... for the strong to eat the stronger!
To Urara.
Maikeru Arakawa: Singing, dancing, music, acrobatics... Being broadly skilled in the arts will get you far. Rakugo is not such a straightforward discipline that you can become a master just by practicing how you speak.
Ruri Aoki: Starbucks is scary. The last time I walked in there, everyone was on laptops and tablets. I was scared stiff. They all seemed so cool with their interesting lives. I was ashamed to be stinking up the place with my sad fashion sense!!
Ruri Aoki: Why's high school gotta be so brutal? I miss one measly week, and all of a sudden everyone's speaking an alien language.
Shirogane: Don't make out at a shrine!

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