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Keith Kazama Flick: Smart doesn't mean right. Sometimes being foolish is the right answer.
Koku: Even if I'm called a demon because of it, I'll do whatever it takes. I'll find you.
Keith Kazama Flick: No one has realized that madness has spread within an organization that orchestrates madness.
Keith Kazama Flick: If there really is such a thing as fate, then accept it all. If you don't like it, then fight back.
Laica: The glyph for "black" is repeatedly used as a synonym for "perfect" here. Do you know how you make the color black? You mix all colors together. That's why black stands apart from all other colors. It's the perfect color. A color fit for a king.
Jean Henri Richard: I've known him for 20 years now. And I've never known what was going on in his head!
About Keith.
Keith Kazama Flick: Emergencies are part of the process. In the past, we tried to prevent emergencies before they happened. That was our mistake. That's why we failed. Trouble and unexpected factors are both inevitable and essential! They have to be surmounted. Each one has a purpose. They always lead to something.
Koku: If you have no penitence in your heart, atone for your sins with your death.
Kaela Yoshinaga: Cocky punks piss me off worse than cockroaches!
Keiichi Akagi: Getting a record of everything... What does that mean? Simply documenting events as they unfold? Shirasu must have understood what that meant at a time like this. No, that's not it. It meant to take a close, unvarnished look at each person as an individual human.
Keiichi Akagi: A darkness piled on darkness in countless layers... A new labyrinth had opened wide in front of Shirasu. There, beyond the stagnant mystery, the Flag flies in silence.
Keiichi Akagi: Prayer... Like a small lantern on the prow of a tiny ship sailing the dark seas... it provided a faint, flickering glow to light the way ahead.
Keiichi Akagi: No matter how huge the event, the instant it loses its ability to spark public interest, it becomes a thing of the past.
Lisa: I guess bombs aren't just scary because they destroy things and lives, are they? For the survivors, they also utterly destroy everything the future once held for them.
Nadi Olowokandi: My country is what they call a "failed state." They call it a country without a future. But even so, that country is my home.
Keiichi Akagi: The camera has been watching. The countless acts of human folly and brutality on countless battlefields... The camera has been watching. The everyday activities of humanity. Their little joys. Their secret hopes. The camera has seen all this, and recorded it. It has recorded these numerous fragments of time. In each of these moments frozen in time, we catch a glimpse of the unvarnished truth. As time marches on, it becomes the past. But those voices from the past... Those moments frozen in time... Those individual photographs have been known to change the course of history. They have also been known to determine the course of a single person's life. And now, once again, a photograph that was taken here... is about to change the world.
Tson: It should be just us old-timers who get sentimental over the past! You keep on snapping away! Keep taking pictures of everything you see around you!
Keiichi Akagi: Journalists are like hunters who are on the trail of prey. Our cameras are our rifles. We draw a bead on our subject, and we pull the trigger. From a herd of countless moments, we shoot and bag just one of them, then sell it off as a scoop.

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