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Mad Burnish: It's not our choice. The flames are part of us. We must burn in order to live. That's the way we Burnish are.
Galo Thymos: I'll put 'em out now. Both your flames and stupid ambitions!
Galo Thymos: Grinning and bearing it! That's my strategy!
Lio Fotia: We can hear them. We hear their cries. "I want to burn harder! I want to blaze! Stronger, hotter!" They are alive.
Galo Thymos: It's burning hard. Well worth extinguishing. It sets my firefighter's soul on fire!
Kray Foresight: We'll have to abandon most of mankind to its fate. You couldn't live with it if it wasn't your own decision.
Lucia Fex: Inventions that make money are a heresy.

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