Quotes tagged with trans. Charlie Sullivan (best)

Quinn: What good is freedom if we're dead?
Ergo Proxy: Remember. You can feel it if you hold your hand against your chest. It belongs to no one. It's our pulse, yours and mine. This is what brings us to the truth. It's what proves that we are the very world itself. Follow your instincts. The answer is already there.
Somi: Who invented dynamite?
Vincent: Mr. Dynamite.
Ergo Proxy: I am nobody. Even if I was someone, people couldn't comprehend me. And even if they could, they wouldn't be able to communicate it to those around them. I do not belong to the world. That is the world's limit, the boundary between the world and the self.
Kazkis Proxy: All those who wander in darkness seek the light. But when they reach the light, they avert their eyes from the blinding glare. They can even sense the pain. Truth is like that too.
Ergo Proxy: In others' eyes, I am part of the world. But when I look out at the world from my own vantage point... I am not in it. What I see is the world. As an observer, I am the point of view that creates the world. I can't belong to the world.
Vincent Law: I bring death to everyone. All that concerns me runs with blood. Everyone dies.
Hoody: Until you know that a lie is a lie, it's the truth. Discerning the truth from the lie may be the right thing to do... but it won't always make you happy.
Re-l Mayer: We'd lose our minds if we remembered everything.
Vincent Law: Do I not have memories? If not, can I even say I'm me?

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