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Shota Kashima: I'm totally different than the perfect picture I had in my head. Like some stuff happens and then more stuff, and that ends up being who I am. You don't have to go hurrying to find anything, y'know? Things just go the way they go, but you have to believe in your own future.
Keisuke Isobe: You don't actually do anything yourself to change the situation. A lot of times you just sit there passively and complain. At the end of the day, you just insist on how entitled you are. You're gonna be a mean old lady, Sato.
Keisuke Isobe: You think I'm just a useful tool? I mean, like, today, you figured I'd come running if you called. Although I actually did, but that's on me.
Keisuke Isobe: I hate you, but I hate people like me even more.
Isobe: Sato. What're you gonna do when you grow up?
Sato: Dunno. I mean, the future. I just wanna stay like this.
Isobe: That's dumb. That's what everyone says, and then they go and waste their lives.
Koume Sato: It's kinda scary, okay? You changed too much too suddenly. This cheerful Isobe... I never wanted to see you like this.
Someone-san: Getting angry makes you tired. If you don't get angry, people won't hear you. If you go through life without being angry... if nothing else, things might seem clearer.
Someone-san: You can tell me anything. I won't listen though.
Tchaiko: When I think about how people never stop demanding explanations about every little aspect of your life... it's truly exhausting to deal with, when you're even the tiniest bit different from others.

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