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Ai Magase: In the game, I become the hero. The hero rises up against the devil who took over the world, together with a small group of friends, or sometimes even alone, in order to save the world and bring happiness to the people. But none of the people the devil rules over try to rise up against him, even though the hero is risking his life to save the world. The hero still tries to save the world. Even if no one helps him. Even if no one understands him. Just to bring happiness to the people. Mr. Seizaki, I want to become a person like that.
Kaika Itsuki: There are many things that death can solve or improve. I think that humans can do a better job of dealing with death. Taiyo. When you want to be friends with someone, do you say bad things about them? I want to become friends with death. And I want everyone else to be friends with it too. In order to do that, I have to show them myself that death isn't bad. I'm going to die in order to prove that. When that happens, my heart will be left over. What you do with it is for you to decide.
Kaname Sengoku: We're not at the zoo. This is where dancers fight to win or lose. Get it through your head. You've just stepped onto a battlefield.
Akira Komoto: Friendship's more fragile than a bubble.
Tatara Fujita: If there was just one thing. Something that I could say I loved. I could change.
Gaju Akagi: This is stupid! Just standing straight and walking is more tiring than playin' soccer or freeze tag! Jeez! Whoever gets into this is stupid! But... Teach me everything from how ya stand!
About dancing.
Masami Kugimiya: Fujita-kun. I feel like I see my old self in you, and it makes me wanna slap your face.
Kaname Sengoku: When you and a foreign presence are there, and you realize you can't understand it... Don't you think that becomes something very precious to you?
Kaname Sengoku: The ideal partnership in a male and female artistic pair sport would be the Flower and Frame. Which is just as it sounds. The women are the flower. The men are the frame. The frame shall enhance the beauty of the flower and should never let it wilt. Depending on the lead, the partner lives or dies.

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