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Watson: A single numerical formula will predict victory or defeat. Where's the need to actually fight?
Nikolai: Then it would become just a game. People need stories. Stories adorned with words that make the blood stir and the flesh leap. The majority of people can't understand your rationale. Those who can't understand, can't accept. Other than things they can touch or see, that is. Stories are born of our foolishness, which they then continuously affirm.
M: Statesmen of the past also aspired to a world without conflict. To protect the people of their country, they plunged into the morass of war. We invade other countries to protect peace within our own. We can't distinguish between the power to protect, and the power to plunder. Even when we realize it's a mistake, we can't stop. That is humanity.
The One: Amongst all the souls in existence shall I find it. A pure soul. A gentle smile.
Aleksei Karamazov: Piles of countless corpses; light that faded from countless eyes. When I noticed myself reflected in those eyes, I came to my senses. I wondered, what had I been seeking?
John H. Watson: Hold out your hand. Take this pen. Record every word and action. Hopefully that will become your soul.
Guts: What the hell!! Women are such royal pains! No physical strength! Things go to their heads so damn fast! And periods to top it off. Just look at ya. I guess they just ain't cut out for it.
John H. Watson: I just... wanted to see you again! I wanted to hear what else you had to say! Why?! Why'd you leave me?! Why won't you come back?!
Griffith: Those who die on the battlefield are not royalty, nobility, or commoners. They are the defeated who die.
Makoto: No matter how the town changes, we'll just have to go on living here.

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