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Nazuna: Humans can only create offspring through copulation.
Ko: Don't say "copulate"!
Nazuna: What's the matter? How old are you?
Ko: I'm fourteen...
Nazuna: What?! You're still a little punk! At fourteen, you should be all over talk about copulation and stuff. What's wrong with you?
Nazuna: Okay, let's sleep.
Ko: You're gonna do dirty stuff to me?!
Nazuna: Huh? Nothing dirty. Just a guy and a girl, sleeping on the same futon.
Ishino: Why did you act like you had to work up so much courage just to kiss me, huh?
Takanashi: Because I felt like I was opening a door to a frightening world.
Akihito Kanbara: A girl without glasses is like a shortcake without strawberries!
Hikari Tsutsui: If people's hearts were so simple, then we wouldn't be suffering like this.
Akihito: How long have you been there?
Mitsuki: Since you said, "I store glasses worn by high school girls in vinyl bags. I huff the air outta them like an addict."
Akihito: I said no such thing!
Shinya Nakamura: Is it impossible for a monster like me to pretend to live like a human?
Edel: May those who accept their fate be granted happiness. May those who defy their fate be granted glory.
Edel: Truth is a shy little thing. If you approach it, it will hide. Truth is a lonesome little thing. If you move away from it, it will give chase.
Duck: Mytho doesn't even know what it feels like to be in love. Even though Rue loves Mytho. Isn't that sad?
Edel: Sad?
Duck: You think so, don't you?
Edel: Is it sad for Mytho? For Rue? Or for you?
Mytho: When you've ripped out my heart, kiss it for me and dye your lips red with my blood.
Duck: Wow, what beautiful eyes. I feel like I'll get drawn in. But they look so lonely.
Malen: You're one of the ballet students...
Duck: Well, I'm really bad at drawing pictures.
Malen: That's because you're in ballet.
Duck: I'm bad at ballet too, though.
Rue: She's blessed with beauty, cleverness, and strength, but the thing is, the princess is fated never to be with her prince. The moment she confesses her love, she turns into a speck of light and vanishes.
Kufa Vampir: When people like one another, things go well between them. Just like with you and me, milady.
Sharol Iridescence: The longer you know someone, the more troublesome your feelings can become.
Melida Angel: My tutor taught me something: "Keep in mind all the possible options your surroundings offer when you fight. Do whatever's necessary to survive, even if it means tearing the world apart."
Hikari Tsutsui: Are those guys really that necessary to you? I don't think you'll die or anything if people hate you.
Yuri Ushigome: With music, there's no right and wrong. Everyone's going to have a different answer.
Chris Westland: Duels are how you convey your beliefs through magical prowess when words aren't enough!
Elise Angel: Hey, Lita, why do you think it is I ran away from fighting you? During both the first term's public tournament as well as now... It's because I don't want to know that you're weaker than me.
Hikari Tsutsui: Love is hard. There's never any proper answer.
Mitsuya Takanashi: Someone who means well is worse off than someone who knows that what they're doing is bad.
Melida Angel: No matter how the wider world may view you, I alone will always be on your side.
Sumie Ayado: Plants are nice. If you lovingly take care of them, they grow quickly and they respond to you simply. They aren't difficult, like humans.
Hikari Tsutsui: Don't make light of the chastity of an otaku, they have their own dreams and ideals.
Hikari Tsutsui: Something about changing and getting so happy is scary.
Seri Kikyou: What's the most popular existence in this world? The answer is obvious: high school girls.
Kufa Vampir: I'd like to see it with my own two eyes... The moment this precious girl, who's been fighting with all she's got in this cruel world, is someday acknowledged.
About Melida.
Drosselmeyer: There's nothing more boring than a perfect heroine after all.
Yuto Ito: There are 3D girls who are good as well.
Chloe Morisu: If I get too accustomed to being around everyone, will I start to feel afraid to be alone?
Chloe Morisu: When I'm with you, I have a lot of fun... but I feel like I get a little weaker. That's why sometimes, I wanted to test things. I wanted to see if I was still okay on my own. But I understand now. I was never getting weaker. I liked to be alone, but by spending time with you, I was able to do so many more things than before. Because I have you, even if I'm all by myself, I can come right back to you.
Ko Yamori: Failing your first date kinda kills you inside.
Duck: I'm not playing hooky. I'm just taking a break. I'm allowed to do that.
Kufa Vampir: She may boast the Angel family name, but she lacks the qualities to be a Paladin. Without knowing any of that, she straightforwardly believes in her own talents. What a pitiful girl. Her life is full of suffering. And she will continue to keep on suffering. The day that all suffering is finally rewarded will never come. That being the case, promptly severing that chain of events is called for. It's the mercy of a professional killer... an assassin's pride.
Paulo: There are some dreams that won't come true, but there's no rule that says you can only have one dream.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The man's work was to write and tell stories, but he could not defy death. The man's last story was about a brave and handsome prince, who vanquishes a crafty raven. But now, their battle will go on for eternity with no end. "I'm sick and tired of this!" cried the raven. "I'm sick and tired of this!" cried the brave prince as well. The raven escaped from within the story and the prince, in pursuit of the raven, did as well. Then, the prince took out his own heart and sealed the raven away by using a forbidden power. Just then, from somewhere, "This is great," murmured the man, who was supposed to have died.
Kufa Vampir: Milady, just as you have entrusted your life to me, I have staked my life on you.
Takanashi: You look like you're gonna cry... Well, what are you gonna do, otaku?
Tsutsui: There's not really much that I can do. I can put a picture of your face along with a whole lot of lies on the 'net and socially destroy you, is about all I can do.

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