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Mikan: And there was that one day it snowed a bunch, and we made a snowman here.
Rito: Oh, heah, we did! Although he wasn't exactly the most handsome snowman ever!
Mikan: Yeah, your taste... or lack thereof... really shone through!
Yami: I'd like you to treat me to some taiyaki.
Rito: Yami...
Yami: About fifty of them...
Saruyama Kenichi: Checking out boobs is what it means to be young! Boobs are our hopes! Boobs are our dreams!! Living by, for, and because of boobs is what it means to be a man in this journey called life! It's a truth that stretches across the very cosmos!!
Nana: Guess that leaves us with no choice. Tell me about your person. I'll help you look for them.
Maron: Really? Man, you're gonna make a good wife someday, little miss. In that case... my person's got a mellow, heart-soothing fragrance...
Mikan: Wonder what kind of chocolate you're getting this year.
Rito: Just so long as there's no dark matter in it...
Rito: So, you just happened to smack into her and ended up possessing her?! Sairenji, that is?!
Oshizu: Yep! ... But I think staying here any longer would be a problem for Haruna-san, so it's about time for me to head back to the old schoolhouse!
Rito: Oh, uh... Yeah.
Oshizu: Umm... How do I do that, I wonder...?
Yuuki Saibai: So you're Lala-chan, are ya?! Mikan's told me a lot about you. Maaaan! A freeloadin' alien! Guess the world really is getting more international, am I right?!
Maron: The name's Maron! A proud Boston Terrier! How 'bout you?
Rito: Uh, I... I'm Rito...
Maron: Rito, huh? Well, not every name's a winner I guess.
Rito: Insulted by a dog...!
Kotegawa: I'll let you off the hook this time. Because I'm just feeling happy for some reason...
Rito: Kotegawa... I guess you can laugh...
Kotegawa: Well I never! How rude!!
Rito: Lala!! I told you to stop wandering around naked after you take a bath!!
Lala: But I don't have Peke with me!
Rito: Even so, you could stand to be a little more shy about it...
Lala: Shy? Youuu got it! If that's what you want, then from now on, I'll wander around naked and be shy about it!!
Yuuki Rito: A person's figure isn't important! If a guy's only looking at that kind of thing, he's making a big mistake! What matters most is what's on the inside!
Yuuki Rito: I've been totally exhausted all morning...
Yuuki Rito: I want to tell her what I feel... But... What do I feel?
Oshizu: In the era I lived in... there were many people who could not eat, no matter how hungry they were. There was no food and so the people became emaciated... There was great suffering. And so... Why is it necessary for you go to such unreasonable lenghts to lose weight?!!
Nana Astar Deviluke: He's a total lech, he's weak, he's indecisive... He's always stumbling around, sticking his face in people's panties, or fondling their boobs or grabbing their butts... He's the number one perv in the universeβ€”a complete animal of a man!
About Yuuki.
Hitomi: Most people would feel too embarrassed to show someone their room when it's this messy.
Chie: Nice try, but I have no shame! To love me is to love my messiness!
Yaegashi Taichi: Sometimes, when you run through the same problem over and over in your head, it makes things seem worse than they really are.
Masamune Okumura: An otaku may forget math or grammar but never a great scene.
Someone-san: Getting angry makes you tired. If you don't get angry, people won't hear you. If you go through life without being angry... if nothing else, things might seem clearer.
Someone-san: You can tell me anything. I won't listen though.
Tchaiko: When I think about how people never stop demanding explanations about every little aspect of your life... it's truly exhausting to deal with, when you're even the tiniest bit different from others.

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