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Sung Jinwoo: For some reason I feel like something is destroyed inside of me everytime I get stronger.
Norma Selner: The second I looked into his eyes, the darkness inside of him stared back at me. He was the darkness itself.
Norma Selner: They'll meet their demise in the end, and join the countless stars in the night sky. However, when they all become falling stars and streak through the sky like a meteor shower, that's when we'll begin to see... the possibility of a future. That is what poeople call "hope."
Kang Taeshik: A guy like me who talks too much may seem pathetic to you, but someone with too many secrets isn't all that great either.
Song Chi-yul: We cannot enforce the law on S-Rank hunters. They are both miraculous and catastrophic beings. I suggest you lay low, because a monster feared by other monsters might be on the hunt for you.
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