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Kairo: Let them call me a pervert. Even a robot has his pride!
Kid the Phantom Thief: Someone who leads you to believe there's something inside a clenched fist... that's a magician. And someone who correctly guesses what's actually inside of that fist, a detective.
Geroyer: Forgive Generalissimo Orban. Hatred invites destruction; love invites joy!
Kenta: Hey! How's it hanging, Auntie? You've gotten bigger since I last saw you!
Okane: Idiot! That's my line!
Erika: Even if my body leaves this world, my soul will remain with you forever.
Olban: Why do they find the brain surgery so abhorrent? It will make everything so tranquil... Kill him. Such a cruel fate.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: We're all living in the same universe. We should help each other.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: Your pride means nothing if this is where it leads you! Throw it all away right now!
Kazuya: You missed my face that badly? Okay, have a good look!
Nana: You've got a pimple!
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He can't fight. He's not our enemy anymore.
Richter: God of Barm, supreme being of the universe. Let the souls of those who have died gloriously in combat reach thy noble side. Grant them the eternal rest they deserve. And let their deaths serve to bring Barm to further greatness.
Erika: No matter how hard the winter, spring will always come.
Erika: Happiness built on a lie is an illusion!
Kazuya Ryuzaki: Erika, wait for me. I'll come to find you some day. No matter what might come between us, I'll break through and find you.
Erika: Kazuya! My memories... I think my memories are returning! But I'm afraid... I'm afraid of remembering!
Akira Fudo: Just you wait, Miki. The ice of the Himalayas will shine red with demon blood.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He wants me to forget Erika. But that won't make me strong. My strength comes from my love for her!
Akira Fudo: I don't understand human beings. What's so fun about swinging a big stick around? How absurd!
About the baseball.
Student: I hate violence! I'm a follower of Gandhi!
Akira: I don't give a damn if it's "Gandhi" or "candy"! I don't like your face, so it's time for some homemade plastic surgery!
Erika: With nothing left to lose, we have nothing left to fear.

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