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Yuzuriha: Better to try and fail than to never have a go at it. That's the way of live.
To Gabimaru.
Ranma Saotome: By the way... You took a pretty good look at me, too. Besides, it's no big deal for me to see a naked girl. I mean, I've seen myself plenty of times, right? And I'm built better, to boot!
To Akane.
Bardock: A Saiyan would rather die than run from an enemy!!
Anya: The people look like trash from up here.
Loid: Where'd you learn that?
Anya Forger: Papa is the world's biggest liar. But... he's a cool liar.
Yui: Following your heart will make you a true warrior.
Aki: This place has good coffee.
Denji: Oh yeah? I've never had coffee before. Gross! This stuff is muddy water!
Power: What a fool! A kid wouldn't appreciate the taste of coffee! (...) Hrlp...! Ditchwater!!
Aki: Shut up! Be quier inside the restaurant!
Denji: Hey! You tricked us! This is mud!
Power: 'Tis ditchwater you drink!!
Hatsuka: You talk tough and make dirty jokes because you don't know how to be honest about your feelings.
Nazuna: That's... not it... The truth is... I love dirty jokes!!
Hatsuka: Not the big confession I was hoping for...
Freeza: The joy of tormenting Saiyans... I can't get enough of it.
Yamada Asaemon Sagiri: Not feeling anything? No. You're just averting your eyes... Not running from your emotions is a sign of strength.
Himeno: To be honest with you, everybody's getting pretty worn down.
Power: I'm bored, so I was thinking up a Nobel Prizewinning invention! If I win a Nobel Prize, humans will grovel before me! And then I'll use my Nobel Prize as a steppingstone to become prime minister! I want to watch humans suffer... So my first act as prime minister will be to implement a 100 percent sales tax!
Denji: She seems the same as always to me.
Himeno: Oh. That's... good then.
Beerus: I'm super busy clearly.
Whis: Didn't you just say you were bored?
Beerus: Exactly. So I'm busy killing time.
Osa: Behold, young Gabimaru. Look upon weakness. Your parents indulged in sentiment. That, in itself, made them weak. If you're not strong, you won't be capable of protecting anything. Such as children... and all else that is dear to us.
Yuzuriha: Shinobi are realists. We learn to tell the difference between pain you gotta get past and pointless suffering.
Shija: Since the very start he's been protecting the hag.
Sagiri: I... I'm hardly at an age to be called such a thing.
Shija: Silence. Women are hags, and men are geezers. Not Gabimaru, of course.
Aza Chobe: Think I give a damn about all these sins?! When you're the ones who came up with that crap?! All of you, slaves to doing things right and proper! Just damned puppets without desires of your own! Well, I ain't gonna listen to that garbage anymore. From now on, I'm doing things my way!! I'm my own master! I'm my own god!!
Student: A girl who loves Dragon Ball would be perfect! I won yesterday's "Doggan Battle Game," by the way.
Megumi Fushiguro: The only thing that is fair about life is how unfair it is to everyone.
Yuzuriha: Your whole life, you've been lying to yourself, yeah? It's the end of the road, so be honest now... Go ahead and think about whatever you want. Your family? A pet cat, maybe? Or a lover you left behind? Picture yourself pressed against her. And pass on within that beautiful vision.
Denji: Every woman I meet tries to murder me!! Everybody's after my Chainsaw heart! What about my heart?! Denji's! Does nobody want that?! Huh?!
To Reze.
Makima: Death. War. Hunger. There are many things in this world that humanity would be happier without.
Anita Hailey: Don't be embarrassed. An accent is like a decoration on your speech.
JosΓ© RodrΓ­guez: Weird how in a village with all these monsters... the scariest is a human.
Tsumiki Fushiguro: If I've got the time to curse someone, I'd rather spend it thinking of those I hold dear.
Asta: My magic is never giving up!
JosΓ©: How about hide 'n' seek?
Paifu: No way! Last time you just became invisible!
Asta: We weren't chosen by mana. And so we'll make our own choices!!!! Demon-Slasher chooses what to cut. It's a katana that doesn't cut what it wants to protect!!!
Denji: Maybe I became a devil hunter for a really shallow reason, but I'm willing to die to keep living like this. Actually, I take that back. My life isn't mine alone.
To Aki.
Ko Yamori: I'm uncomfortable in large groups of people. I don't know what their intentions are. Being in a big crowd of loud people is my personal hell.
Sulya: You asked why I can live in this world. And that's because I have something that fuels me. It's a fuel that will keep me going for the rest of my life. And that's because the last Star Wars film ended on a cliffhanger. In the old world, it was prohibited to read novels or watch movies, let alone make them. But in the next culture... I don't care if it takes tens of thousands of years! I'm going to raise that culture to the exact same level as the era when they made Star Wars... so I can watch the next movie in the franchise! All this destruction is necessary in order to make that possible!
To Judah.
Ko Yamori: It's fun being with Nazuna. I'm discovering all kinds of new feelings. But it's... a lot to process. I'm starting to realize that happiness is complicated.
Togata: A fire goes out without firewood. People are the same way. You can't keep going without the fuel to live.
Aza Toma: The law of this world isn't that the strong eat weak. Survival of the fittest, sure, but what makes one fit is adaptation.
Ko Yamori: This girlβ€”yeah, okay, vampireβ€”teaches me how to have fun all night long. She loves to cracks jokes about sex. I don't know much about fun, night or sex, so I'm kind of at a disadvantage.
Nazuna Nanakusa: Everybody on the streets tonight... looks like a pathetic loser. Why don't more people enjoy the night?
Maruo Kaido: I already know what I want to beβ€”a manga protagonist! Goku. Kinnikuman. Jotaro. I wanna be like them. So, when I was little, I started doing the same training they did in the manga. Over and over and over. By the time I was seven, I could split boulders. But... I've learned my lesson. For a normal person making a normal life... strength just isn't necessary. A manga is just a manga.
Makima: Did you forget? You're my pet. Only answer with "yes" or "woof." I don't need a dog who says "no."
To Denji.
Revy: Bao was steaming like a tea kettle. Said we better cover him for the mess or else he won't let us back in and he'll weld our assholes shut.
Dutch: Assholes, huh? Teardrop in my eye.
Richard: Forget about him! Detectives are good-for-nothings!!
Rachel: But, dad, you're a detective!
Richard: A case is calling me...! Never fear. The great private investigator Richard Moore will look everything over!!
Rachel: "Will overlook everything" is more like it...

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