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Yomi Isayama: To a big sister, a little sister is the same as a lackey!
Yomi Isayama: I want to protect her from all unhappiness. I want to protect her from all disasters. People who would hurt her... People who would put her in danger... People who would bring catastrophe upon her... I want to get rid of them all! Please. Protect her. Get rid of the unhappiness. Get rid of the disasters. Even if... that means getting rid of me!
Yomi: Don't you want a brother or sister, Kagura?
Kagura: I don't know. But I think you might've been a good sister.
Yomi: Let's be sisters, then!
Watson: A single numerical formula will predict victory or defeat. Where's the need to actually fight?
Nikolai: Then it would become just a game. People need stories. Stories adorned with words that make the blood stir and the flesh leap. The majority of people can't understand your rationale. Those who can't understand, can't accept. Other than things they can touch or see, that is. Stories are born of our foolishness, which they then continuously affirm.
Tohru Suetsugu: Rather than winning or losing, what's most important is that you give everything you've got.
Ryosuke Takahashi: When he races, common sense goes out the window.
About Takumi.
Vegeta: Dating is for the weak.
To Goten.
Yuichi Tachibana: Being in love means that you accept everything about the person.
Son Goku: It's funny. I don't feel any fear. What am I so relaxed for? There's going to be someone unbelievable out there... and yet, nothing. Maybe training in all that outrageous gravity has made me crazy.
Before arriving at Namek.
Redjic: I've told you not to order me around. I fight for myself.
Son Gohan: It sure is hard being normal without people finding out who I am.
The One: Amongst all the souls in existence shall I find it. A pure soul. A gentle smile.
M: Statesmen of the past also aspired to a world without conflict. To protect the people of their country, they plunged into the morass of war. We invade other countries to protect peace within our own. We can't distinguish between the power to protect, and the power to plunder. Even when we realize it's a mistake, we can't stop. That is humanity.
Bunta: Someone called for you earlier. A girl... A pretty girl. She said she would call back.
Takumi: How could you tell she was pretty over the phone?
Bunta: I've developed good intuition over the years. Cars and women... it's all about experience and intuition.
Natsuki Mogi: There are only two kinds of people that I hate. People who break their promises and people who smoke.
Aleksei Karamazov: Piles of countless corpses; light that faded from countless eyes. When I noticed myself reflected in those eyes, I came to my senses. I wondered, what had I been seeking?
Son Goku: Hey, calm down! We all live in peace here on the earth! Well, a lot has happened, but still... Whatever the case, you ain't a bad guy. I can tell.
To Broly.
Keiki Kiryu: I'm on a date with such a cute girl... Maybe tomorrow is the day I die.
Goku: Who would have thought that we'd be fighting together?
Piccolo: Once we defeat him... your turn comes next!
Frieza: Who are you?
Gogeta: I am Gogeta! Goku and Vegeta have merged together!
Frieza: Merged?
Gogeta: You've been dead for a long time, so you wouldn't know. Their two strengths are not just added together, they're significantly greater.
Frieza: That is not fair!
Gogeta: You're a fine one to be saying that.
Bardock: Frieza is afraid of the legendary Super Saiyan appearing. ... And he's up to no good. I get the feeling that death is on its way.
Piccolo: What do I call you?
Gogeta: Using potaras, it was "Vegetto," wasn't it? Okay then, um...
Piccolo: Forget it! Hurry and go!
Gogeta: I can't do that. Having a name would sound cooler, to be sure. This time it'll be... um... Gogeta!
Piccolo: You may not die, all right... but even if your life goes on, if you cannot do anything, it will indeed be hell for you. I will give you a taste of the pain of hell.
To Garlic Jr.
Vegeta: Tch, I never got to be King Vegeta.
After the explosion of Planet Vegeta.
Keiki: Your breasts are touching!
Sayuki: That's not significant.
Keiki: I disagree, your breasts are quite significant...
Yuika Koga: Big breasts are the bane of existence for all flat-chested girls.
John H. Watson: Hold out your hand. Take this pen. Record every word and action. Hopefully that will become your soul.
John H. Watson: I just... wanted to see you again! I wanted to hear what else you had to say! Why?! Why'd you leave me?! Why won't you come back?!
Cheelai: What's your name?
Goku: Son Goku. Also... Kakarot.
Nozomi: What's deep down in your heart is something that's really hard to talk about.
Kenji: Did you get a good look at his braking drift, Iketani?
Iketani: Not really... no idea...
Kenji: So much for begging him to show you how.
Iketani: Yeah, but he made it look so simple that I realized... I'm not even close to understanding his technique! I feel like a better racer already!
Vegeta: I was too easy... on him...
About Hildegarn.
Pan: Girls, you see, get stronger once they're crying!
Tullece: Listen, boy, would you like to come with me? We'll roam through space wherever we want to go, destroying any planets we like, eating delicious foods and drinking delicious wines. There is no more enjoyable life than this.
Son Goku: Gohan, you ain't giving enough power! Goten, don't be scared! Is it fine with you guys if the Earth is smashed to pieces by Broly?! Can't you protect it if I ain't around?!
Son Goku: Even if you know it's impossible, there are times when you must do it anyway!
Tullece: I'll dig a grave for you right in the middle of this world, as it turns into a desert. It's the least I can do for you, since we were both born Sayians.
Oolong: I've got a bad feeling about where this is going. I'm getting goose bumps.
Bulma: You don't get goose bumps, those must be pig bumps.
Urameshi Yusuke: Yama-sama, huh? I doubt I could beat him in a fight... No, hold on! Before he conks me, I'll surprise him with a head-butt! Then, while he's stunned, I'll slide around behind him, and blind him! After which, if I can squeeze his balls, it'd be perfect!
Masamune: Draw!
Ieyasu: I have these! With these fists, I will forge a bond with you as well!

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