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Redjic: I've told you not to order me around. I fight for myself.
Son Goku: It's funny. I don't feel any fear. What am I so relaxed for? There's going to be someone unbelievable out there... and yet, nothing. Maybe training in all that outrageous gravity has made me crazy.
Before arriving at Namek.
Son Goku: Even if you know it's impossible, there are times when you must do it anyway!
Piccolo: What do I call you?
Gogeta: Using potaras, it was "Vegetto," wasn't it? Okay then, um...
Piccolo: Forget it! Hurry and go!
Gogeta: I can't do that. Having a name would sound cooler, to be sure. This time it'll be... um... Gogeta!
Son Gohan: It sure is hard being normal without people finding out who I am.
Bardock: Frieza is afraid of the legendary Super Saiyan appearing. ... And he's up to no good. I get the feeling that death is on its way.
Frieza: Who are you?
Gogeta: I am Gogeta! Goku and Vegeta have merged together!
Frieza: Merged?
Gogeta: You've been dead for a long time, so you wouldn't know. Their two strengths are not just added together, they're significantly greater.
Frieza: That is not fair!
Gogeta: You're a fine one to be saying that.
Goku: Who would have thought that we'd be fighting together?
Piccolo: Once we defeat him... your turn comes next!
Son Goku: Hey, calm down! We all live in peace here on the earth! Well, a lot has happened, but still... Whatever the case, you ain't a bad guy. I can tell.
To Broly.
Piccolo: You may not die, all right... but even if your life goes on, if you cannot do anything, it will indeed be hell for you. I will give you a taste of the pain of hell.
To Garlic Jr.
Genkai: It's only after you think it's hopeless that the real contest begins!
Tullece: I'll dig a grave for you right in the middle of this world, as it turns into a desert. It's the least I can do for you, since we were both born Sayians.
Vegeta: Tch, I never got to be King Vegeta.
After the explosion of Planet Vegeta.
Urameshi Yusuke: Yama-sama, huh? I doubt I could beat him in a fight... No, hold on! Before he conks me, I'll surprise him with a head-butt! Then, while he's stunned, I'll slide around behind him, and blind him! After which, if I can squeeze his balls, it'd be perfect!
Pan: Girls, you see, get stronger once they're crying!
Vegeta: I was too easy... on him...
About Hildegarn.
Narrator: Urameshi Yusuke, age 14. He was supposed to have been the hero of this story, but... he seems to have suddenly died!
Oolong: I've got a bad feeling about where this is going. I'm getting goose bumps.
Bulma: You don't get goose bumps, those must be pig bumps.
Tullece: Listen, boy, would you like to come with me? We'll roam through space wherever we want to go, destroying any planets we like, eating delicious foods and drinking delicious wines. There is no more enjoyable life than this.
Broly: So, another worm has come here to die?
Piccolo: Hmph, do as you like, you freak!
Broly: I am a freak? Not so. I am a devil!
Son Goku: Gohan, you ain't giving enough power! Goten, don't be scared! Is it fine with you guys if the Earth is smashed to pieces by Broly?! Can't you protect it if I ain't around?!
Cheelai: What's your name?
Goku: Son Goku. Also... Kakarot.
Botan: Even if he couldn't hear your voice, if you share the same thoughts, your feelings would get through! What you felt must have gotten across to him!
Yusuke: To Kuwabara?! Don't say such a disgusting thing!
Son Goku: I don't know about the earth, but I'll protect you, at least!
To Gohan.
Mukuro: Hiei, don't go saying that defeating me has become your reason for living. That would be too sad.
Urameshi Yusuke: A moment's lapse invites death, huh? And yet, why is it that this is so incredibly fun?!
Broly: The slaves we brought from Planet Shamo, huh? You've gazed at the stars, wishing someday to return there, haven't you? It would be nice to go back someday, wouldn't it?
Sensui Shinobu: Very soon, you will be witnesses to a historical event. You will be able to see creatures of legend that everyone knows about but no one has ever seen. A-class Yokai are the true idols to be worshipped. Not foreign celebrities or sports figures!
Genkai: You're the one who said I was taking up for justice, but that's not at all what I am after. It just happens to be that there are a lot of villains among those I don't like.
Doctor Mu: Baby, I'm sorry! I never thought that you would be exposed before reaching your perfect form... to the eyes of unclean folks such as these! I can only imagine... I can only imagine your humiliation!
Koenma: The ambitions of a man who does not care about self-preservation... They bring about tremendously destructive actions that engulf not only those around them, but themselves as well.
Kuwabara: You really are one despicable guy! For feeling around Miyuki's breasts and stuff! What were you planning to do if he was really a woman?
Yusuke: Dummy! In that case, I would have just been glad to have done it, you know?
Jorge: One battle had come to an end. However, as long as people live, they must continue to fight against something. And no one can forfeit his own fight.
Koenma: Jorge, what are you talking about with such a straight face?
Jorge: The narration!
Sakyo: As a gambler, the lowest thing I could do is not own up to my loss.
Kuromomotaro: This is a fine sword!
Hiei: If you like it, I'll lend it to you. The rental fee will be your life.
Kurama: To think that he would fall into the trap on his own!
Hiei: He truly is a fool.
Genkai: No, he's a fool and an idiot.
About Kuwabara.
Botan: Koenma-sama is finally going to remove his pacifier. And when he does... Oh no! I made such a fuss about it, but I don't even know what it means in the least!
Son Gohan: So that's it. You were chasing after Dad. But Dad isn't around any more. So in my dad's place, I will defeat you!
To Broly.
Kuwabara Kazuma: Urameshi is the type where the stronger his opponent is, the more fired up he gets, you know? It's a sort of perversion.
Palace: He just said something or other about "Saiyans." So I was about to suggest that he ask a vegetable grocer.

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