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Takuan Sōhō: You'd сut me down if I were to even touch you. You keep your nerves on edge and you're always ready to lash out. You distance yourself from everyone. It's because you're afraid of people. You are the weakest person in this village.
Okō: We strip them off the corpses and that's how we make a living...What's wrong with that?
Shinmen Takezō: I have to become stronger. I want to be strong so that I won't have to depend on anybody. Yes, I'll become stronger. I'm going to become invincible under the sun.
Hōzōin Inshun: It felt like all the blood in my body was flowing in the wrong direction.
Takuan Sōhō: There is no light for those who do not know darkness.
Hōzōin In'ei: How many people have you killed? You must have faced so many enemies throughout your life, but you must understand...Enemies they were not...until you forced them to become so...Your own bloodthirst, turns everyone you encounter against you. How many more will you kill? That's not true strength. You're just clumsy and graceless.
Takuan Sōhō: You shouldn't hide the truth from him. Incompetence is incompetence. If a person doesn't realize he's incompetent, that's all the more reason he needs to be told.
Takuan Sōhō: So you want to die honorably? A warrior's death? You're being selfish. Each and every person you killed had his own life. Whether that life was blessed or not, everyone is born into this world. They grow up...Some people have families. Some are alone in this world. Some have young children. Some are engaged. Some have pets. Some people have high hopes and great dreams. Others have no ambition at all. You ended everything for them, Takezō. You killed them.
Takuan Sōhō: Preoccupied with a single leaf, you won’t see the tree. Preoccupied with a single tree, you’ll miss the entire forest. Don't be preoccupied with a single spot. See everything in its entirety...effortlessly. That is what it means...to truly "see."
Miyamoto Musashi: I'm prepared to die. But I don't plan on just throwing away.
Miyamoto Musashi: I've never had a proper master. I've been raised by the mountains and rivers. Some have even referred to me as "demon child" and "beast." I dont have the words to explain any further... But if you really must know, take up your sword and challenge me to a fight. There's really no other way.
Takuan Sōhō: You think these feelings go against the way of the warrior. But they only get twisted and bent out of shape when you repress them and try to keep them contained.
Hōzōin In'ei: Your parents, the gods...so many others...You could spend the rest of your life trying to return all the favors you owe people and it still probably wouldn't be enough time. So don't go on about something you can't do.
Hōzōin In'ei: Invincible...It's merely a word.
Takuan: Live on and endure the shadows!! Takezō...
Otsū: Takezō! Takezō!
Takuan: And brightness shall come your way.
Miyamoto Musashi: No need to stay out in the woods until morning. I'll make the first move. Catching the opponent off guard is just another strategy.
Agon: What were you thinking? You had the desire to become stronger but did you have any other emotions? Yоu were unapproachable...People stopped trying to be your friend. Admiration...turned into fear.

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