Quotes from Don't Hurt Me, My Healer! (TV, 2022)

Kono Healer, Mendokusai


Don't Hurt Me, My Healer! (TV, 2022)

episode 1

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Alvin: Just so you know, my adventurer rank isn't very high. So don't get your hopes up!
Carla: Don't worry! My hopes were low from the start!

episode 2

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Carla: I think you really have what it takes! Are you light-element affiliated? O Warrior of Light! O Holy Knight!
Alvin: Hey, lay off...
Carla: O Circus Performer?
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Carla: Go to sleep... Go to sleep... Listen to my calming song... and sleep... Then fall into the abyss of endless fear, be tormented by nightmares, never waking, as you writhe in agony...
Alvin: Is this a curse?!
Carla: How rude! That song was guaranteed to put you in a slumber!
Alvin: An eternal slumber, maybe!

episode 4

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Carla: Isn't this nice, Alvin-san? I'll bet the traps are so happy that you're springing them all!
Alvin: Don't anthropomorphize the traps!
Carla: Traps exist to be sprung! From their point of view, you're the ideal adventurer!
Alvin: I don't want to be the traps' ideal!

episode 7

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Maria: What brings you two here? This is a forgotten graveyard, so I doubt you're here to see a grave...
Carla: We are here to see a grave, actually. Yours!

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