Quotes from Punch Line (TV, 2015) (most popular)

Tsubouchi Qmei: Humanity must evolve into a perfect form. That's the only way to bring about world peace.
Ito: What is that?
Mikatan: Isn't it obvious? It's Yakushimaru Ritsuko. Oh, I mean, a Christmas tree.
Yuta: How do you make that mistake?
Iridatsu Yuta: There's no point in saving the world if you aren't in it!
Ryūto Teraoka: All suffering in this world stems from the fact that humanity is imperfect.
Chiranosuke: You didn't care when seven billion people died. Yet one person dies, and you're crying and screaming.
Chichibu Rando: You know how they say that the day before the field trip is the most fun? I was intoxicated by the Qmay Group's teachings because they were so unrealistic. Then it became real, and I got turned off.
Chiranosuke: Humanity's future has to be determined by humanity itself.
Ryūto Teraoka: Human history is nearly over. Living with your eyes averted from that reality isn't a bad option.
Chiranosuke: I forgot to tell you. When you get too excited and lose consciousness, an asteroid comes down and exterminates humanity.
Chiranosuke: A bond without pain isn't a bond. The more you make amends, the stronger your ties become.

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