Quotes from BanG Dream! 2nd Season (TV, 2019)


BanG Dream! 2nd Season (TV, 2019)

episode 8

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CHU2: I won't take just anybody. If you can't play the music I want to hear, you can leave. Ready?
Tae: Not lady... I am a girl.
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Kasumi: It's like a pre-event!
Arisa: We've still got days to go...
Kasumi: A Pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-event then!
Arisa: That's a mouthful.

episode 9

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Rimi: So... you ended up double-booking for that night?
Tae: They said it's a job. I can't really back out... I'm sorry. I promised you guys I'd play at the festival too.
Saaya: How can they schedule something without even asking you? What are you gonna do?
Tae: I want to do both!
Saaya: How?
Tae: I'll... clone myself!

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