Quotes from Soul Eater (TV, 2008)


Soul Eater (TV, 2008)

episode 25

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Mjolnir Marie: I'm... going to marry the toilet. Don't you see? The toilet will accept anything I do!

episode 28

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Arachne: Humans with weaknesses are the easiest to manipulate.

episode 31

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Shinigami: Since I'm wearing a mask, Justin can't read my lips, can he? Can you repeat what I say from now on, please?
Spirit: Why do I have to do something so troublesome? It's fine if he takes the earphones off, right?
Shinigami: Okay! Repeat after me!

episode 32

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Excalibur: Number 75: Excalibur's birthday is to be celebrated grandly.
Hiro: When's your birthday?
Excalibur: Everyday!

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