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Kenzō Tenma: If you're in the middle of the darkness, you'll be completely envelope by darkness.
Kazkis Proxy: All those who wander in darkness seek the light. But when they reach the light, they avert their eyes from the blinding glare. They can even sense the pain. Truth is like that too.
Orona: Has killing anyone ever eased the pain in your heart, sad little boy who forgot his smile? Try laughing. Laughter is a wind. The only way to blow away the darkness in your heart is to laugh and forget about it.
To Joco.
Edel: Are you afraid of the dark? I see that you are in the darkness of uncertainty. But if you wish to shine for someone, you must not fear the darkness.
Yoh Asakura: At the start, everything was pitch black. All kinds of thoughts came into my head. The more I thought, the worse it got. But then I stopped thinking. I realized all I could do was keep pressing forward. Then things would work out somehow, sometime!
Matamune: The long history of the darkness that haunts people's hearts continues to repeat itself. Some are dragged into wars. Others carry sadness with them. And there are countless other earthly burdens people must bear. The cause of all of that heartbreak is simply the inability to trust one another. Rather than believing you will be betrayed and acting with hostility preemptively, people would find themselves happier if they don't succumb to harboring suspicion. That is what love is.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: The world is currently cloaked in colossal darkness. Morality has been lost. Wickedness runs rampant. People commit sin upon sin and do nothing but hurt one another. I want to amend that. I want the pain and the sin to be gone. That's why I swore to our god I would bear all of that with my own body. If he would grant me the power to save the world, I would become an Iron Maiden myself and carry the burden of the people's crime and suffering. So that the world may know peace!
Edel: A flame can illuminate the darkness. But without the darkness, its glow cannot even be seen.
Tao Chin: The fields and mountains are beautiful in the day, yet at night they become a world of darkness that instills fear in people. What is considered good and evil too, can be turned on its head as history and perspectives change. Just like light and dark or beauty and ugliness, it's not a question of being only one or the other. In other words, what's important is to have a heart that accepts both sides of the same coin and to maintain a balance.
Norma Selner: The second I looked into his eyes, the darkness inside of him stared back at me. He was the darkness itself.
Mytho: When I'm alone, it's so dark and so cold.
Lord Ryuu: They rise one last time in the flame, and throw out their limbs... as though they still try to protect their lord.
Keiichi Akagi: A darkness piled on darkness in countless layers... A new labyrinth had opened wide in front of Shirasu. There, beyond the stagnant mystery, the Flag flies in silence.
Kanata Hoshijima: If we're surrounded by darkness... we have to hold each other's hands.

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