Quotes tagged with "heaven" (best)

Trixie: If we die... we go to Heaven?
Iggy: No Heaven or Hell for us. This world is all we've got.
Kisara: It's all over! Both of us, penniless? We can't keep living anymore! The only option is for both of us to take some medicine and head over to Heaven.
Chōrō: The blue sky. It's a wonder. Only when the sky is blue and shining, do people's hearts shine as well
Mizuki Mochizuki: I don't know where I'm going. I don't know if this is love. Adam and I are such weak people. That moment when we meet again and then really get to know each other... Will it be heaven or hell?
Kamoi Tsubame: Two little girls are having fun talking to each other... How precious... How precious... I almost went to Heaven just now.

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