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Chisato: Even you think you're in the right... So the only true villains are inside the silver screen, huh?
Majima: That's what makes movies interesting. Reality is filled with heroes of justice. "Good people" are punching each other out. That's the truth about this craptastic world.
Heinrich Lunge: Rushing my investigation... justice... I have no interest in either of those. A woman has been murdered. I'm only interested in the perpetrator.
Hachiman Hikigaya: The police don't mobilize until after an incident happens, and it's standard for heroes to show up late. But would anyone condemn them for being late? So, speaking paradoxically, lateness is justice...
Toppo: I am leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo! Small evils. Normal evils. Big evils! All evils shall shatter before this iron fist of justice!
Huang Rui: Our Alliance seems to be faced with a very hard to answer dilemma. Which do we want, a corrupt democracy or a pure dictatorship? Which has more justice and order?
Rōshi: Evil will never become justice! The history you said just now is the best evidence. Even the empire which had powerful military would perish and disappear in the history. That's the predestination of injustice. Evil is always only evil! Real justice will never change in any situation.
Hyunckel: My father died as ashes. If that is justice, then justice itself is my enemy!
Avan: There are times when love and kindness aren't enough to protect people. Just as strength without justice is powerless, so too is justice without strength.
To Maam.
Marco Lasso: Times may change, but evil will always be there to ruin people's peace. Justice means keeping that peace.
To Yoh.
Lyserg Diethel: I joined the X-Laws to defeat Hao. That sentiment hasn't changed. But it's no longer driven by a desire for revenge. I fight because he can't be allowed to go unchecked. All the same, I don't know if my actions can truly be called just.
Genkai: You're the one who said I was taking up for justice, but that's not at all what I am after. It just happens to be that there are a lot of villains among those I don't like.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: How could such a cute girl do something so horrific? They call this justice?
About Jeanne.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Come to think of it, maybe I already woke up from my dream at that time when I wasn't sure what justice was anymore.
Marco Lasso: People know love by receiving it. But the sorrow and resentment that comes with losing it is hell on earth. Therefore acts that go against love are the true face of evil. Which means that true justice is love! So all that foolish evil that only know how to take and kill may be fed with love, I give them a future!
Leon S. Kennedy: Jason doesn't give a damn about justice. He wants the world to know what real terror's like. The kind him and his men knew. He wants that to be the new reality for everyone, and then... he wants to burn it all down.
Thor: Even if all of the Avengers were to fall here... The spirit of justice shall revive as many times as necessary! As long as Captain America is there!

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