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Kagaya Ubuyashiki: No matter how many lives the demons take, the one thing they can never crush is a human's will. No matter how battered we are, we will always rise up again to fight.
Koigakubo: You've always been a really good listener. And you can read the room. You know what we want to hear and bring that into the conversation. That's super comforting for us. But it can also make us feel bad. I was shaking with excitement when you chose to pursue art. Because it was something that you decided for real. Look, Yatora, maybe you don't know this, but... me and the guys love hearing about you.
To Yaguchi.
Ohnoki: Did you the find it, Mitsuki? The secret of your will? Carrying it out is no easy task. At times, you may even lose it. People can always rediscover one's will. Even if you think it's useless and you abandon your will after coming up against many barriers... If you've been given a chance to face yourself, you can pick up the pieces and start over. There are many sides to a will, you know.
Mikihisa Asakura: Such fixed ideas are merely temporary tricks used by weak-willed people to keep control of their minds when they feel like they might waver.
Tao Ren: That was your intention from the start too, right, Yoh? You've been evasive about it this whole time, but we've known each other for a long time now. The fool's so damn foolish that the power of his thoughts is much too strong. I finally see for myself that this is the only thing for it.

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