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Paulo: My dream... is to enthrall people all over the world with your dancing. And to do that, I've even thought of the perfect program for you. So, how about it, Paulamoni? Wanna try jumping on the bandwagon of my dream?
Duck: With dancing, the more you practice, the more it becomes fun!
Duck: When I'm Princess Tutu, I can dance any dance I want to. But is that me? Or someone else?
Murao Jumpei: I choose to be cool. I choose to be manly... As I dance in secret... What does it mean to be cool? To be manly?
Rue: Say, Mytho, why don't you partner with her for the pas du deux?
Duck: What? With Mytho?
Fakir: No, Mytho can't. I'll go.
Duck: Why did you get involved?
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to dance very much. The girl made the mistake of putting on a pair of red shoes that would force her to dance for eternity once they were on. The girl continued to dance day and night... Oh my. This is a different story. But... Perhaps it is not entirely different after all.

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