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Hakaze Kusaribe: Even if he hates me, being able to die with the knowledge that the one I love will never forget me... There is no greater happiness a woman could desire.
Chisato Nishikigi: I hate people who waste their lives!
Takina: Someone you know?
Chisato: No. Why?
Takina: That was another glance that seemed to hold a grudge.
Chisato: Huh? Seriously? Should I have smiled at him?
Paul von Oberstein: As you see, both of my eyes are cybernetic. I had no right to live, as a weakling. If it had been during the reign of Kaiser Rudolf, I would have been killed long ago. Do you understand? I hate them: Kaiser Rudolf, his descendants, and all those influenced by him.
Yang Wen-li: Someone who cannot hate something cannot love something, either.
Moori: Grudges and hatred can only bring about further conflict. The Namekian people are not so foolish as to indulge in such things.
To Vegeta.
Paul von Oberstein: You're misguided to hold this grudge against the Kaiser. It is I who recommended inaction to the Kaiser regarding the attack on Westerland. You should have targeted me, not the Kaiser. That way, fewer people would have interfered with your attempt and your mission might have succeeded.
Yoshino Takigawa: What, exactly, would change if I wanted revenge, was consumed by hatred, or went insane with rage?
Saber: If you commit evil, in the name of hatred for evil, your anger and hatred can only bring further conflict.
Geroyer: Forgive Generalissimo Orban. Hatred invites destruction; love invites joy!
Alphard: Those who let hate get the better of them can become nothing more than second-rate soldiers.
Faust VIII: My family has found cures for hundreds of diseases. Nevertheless, patients still die. Old age, accidents… In the end, death defeated me. What can I do to overcome the hateful thing that is death? Why must the flesh decay? Why do people continue to be born when we know that fate awaits us? Why do we frantically try to live as we head towards death?
Tao Ren: In this world, hatred continually breeds yet more hatred. I will try to change that, even if it costs my life.
Yoh Asakura: Grudges, huh? Who has the time to hang on to those forever? It's better just to forget about them.
Asanoha: To hate people is to hate yourself. To forgive them is to save yourself. ... Happiness and sadness, anger and hatred... To carry all of them with you is to be human. If you're to be a king, first you must love people.
To Hao.
Hikari Tsutsui: Are those guys really that necessary to you? I don't think you'll die or anything if people hate you.
Escanor: Why should I bear any hatred towards someone weaker than myself? All I feel is pity.
Hao Asakura: You happened to run into me because just like me, you were on the battlefield. The battlefield, where death upon death gives birth to a never-ending cycle of hatred.
To John.
Bowman: This planet could swallow up and wash away all the prosperity the human intellect has wrought as though it were nothing. No human love or hatred will remain, but life and its workings will. You and I are but single parts of that. And that's why you and I are able to stand upon this earth. Why we can look upon this landscape. And yet, people continue to dig up the past, hungry to reclaim the prosperity of bygone years. After the ancient artifacts were used to gain power, after they were made into weapons, they will be turned on this land before us.
Tao Ren: I despise the Tao Family. As soon as the Tao Family's revenge and revival are achieved, there will only be some new object of hatred. So I'm going to sever this chain of hatred with my own two hands! And I don't care even if that means the annihilation of the Tao Family! I will become the Shaman King and destroy all the fetters of this world!
Delos: To hate them... that would make me feel like I had lost.
Bam: Even if she hates or despises me... I'll protect Rachel.

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