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Mamoru Mikuriya: If you want people to enjoy your story, first you need to understand what they enjoy. Focus on the other person, rather than putting yourself out first and foremost. You're still very young so it's not worth agonizing over. Just try out different things! And if you fail, that's all right. Isn't making funny stories out of failure one of the best parts of rakugo?
Kyoji Arakawa: You have to understand, rakugo is a business about pleasing the audience who's come to see you. If you cannot please a single person in your presence, you're not cut out for this.
Guriko Arakawa: Rakugo isn't just giving a speech. It's the art of depicting a conversation.
Maikeru Arakawa: Singing, dancing, music, acrobatics... Being broadly skilled in the arts will get you far. Rakugo is not such a straightforward discipline that you can become a master just by practicing how you speak.

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