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Hearts: The Omni-King destroys universes on a whim. I only wished to free you all from that lack of autonomy. But you were dazzling and went past your limits. That's why I adore you mortals.
To Gogeta.
Quinn: What good is freedom if we're dead?
Ryuji Ayukawa: People who bare their naked bodies and people who try to adorn their naked bodies—they both have a certain freedom and ugliness to them, but isn't it all so lovely?
Daijiro Kumai: Kid! You've got to survive! Live and be free like we couldn't be. Help make the world a place where you can marry the girl you love and live happily with your family! That's the best thing a human being can do.
Deadpool: If I have to give up my freedom, I'd rather be dead.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a maiden with wings of freedom. The man who loved this maiden thought, "If I could just bind those wings, we would never have to be apart, even for a moment." But when the man wrapped the maiden's wings in a magical shawl, the wings fell off almost immediately and the maiden died. The man did not know that the maiden's wings were her source of life.

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