Quotes tagged with "hope" (best)

Kaworu Nagisa: Human hope is made from sorrow.
Konan: He is the light. That's why we all can carry flowers of hope!
Margo: As long as we live, we have the right to hope.
Loki: Hopeful... What lovely words. For if you have hope, your despair will shine even brighter.
Lenny: Fear steals away hopes and dreams from people.
Anna Kyoyama: The truth is never better than what you hope it is.
Ren: If you adults are so powerful, why do you pin your hopes on children?
Mikihisa: Because we can see our own ceilings. Everyone becomes aware of it one day once they've grown up. The ceiling looming over their heads represents their own limits. And the older you get, the closer it comes, each stain and smudge getting ever clearer.
Norma Selner: They'll meet their demise in the end, and join the countless stars in the night sky. However, when they all become falling stars and streak through the sky like a meteor shower, that's when we'll begin to see... the possibility of a future. That is what poeople call "hope."

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