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Mutta: I did two hundred, sixteen squats yesterday, and I feel just fine!
Mother: Two hundred and sixteen?
Father: Such a half-assed number. You couldn't manage four more?
Guemon: Pro sports players and shogi players don't think about what the best move is, they move on intuition. Resulting from long practice and experience, I can naturally choose what the best move to make is. Pros don't think. They sense.
Matsutarō: Where's the salt? The salt I'm supposed to throw.
Sędzia: Salt is for ranks juryo and up.
Matsutarō: Oh, it is? I'll settle for sugar, then.
Ryūichi Kazama: The thing is, talent isn't something that only goes to those who want it.
Aoi Ashito: Gimme the ball! I'll show you that I'm the reincarnation of Roberto Baggio! Though Roberto Baggio's still alive!
Carol: Too bad we lost at volleyball.
Misuzu: There was no way a team with you and me on it could win.
Akira Fudo: I don't understand human beings. What's so fun about swinging a big stick around? How absurd!
About the baseball.
Kaname Sengoku: The ideal partnership in a male and female artistic pair sport would be the Flower and Frame. Which is just as it sounds. The women are the flower. The men are the frame. The frame shall enhance the beauty of the flower and should never let it wilt. Depending on the lead, the partner lives or dies.
Fubuki Samejima: Living life is no different from playing baseball. You used all your strength, all your senses, and your intuition to play and win all those games. It was a fierce tournament, and right now is no different. Wherever you have to fight, that's the same as being on the mound.
Hitori Gotoh: The sports festival: the number one-source of school trauma for introverts. Parentheses, based on Japanese Introvert Society poll, close parentheses. A heinous ritual in which those with no athletic ability are shunned, and even their right to exist is stripped away. Not only during school hours, but afterward too, they are forced to perform slave labor, creating banners and practicing cheers!

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