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Chisato: I can't leave the person in front of me to just die.
Takina: We Lycoris are authorized to kill. Worrying about enemies...
Chisato: Those guys... just happened to be enemies this time. If nobody died in the end, that's good. All's well.
Osa: Shinobi Rule Number 20. If you are facing death, then draw on whatever you have left to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy before dying.
Kazuya Ryuzaki: He can't fight. He's not our enemy anymore.
Thors: Listen to me, Thorfinn. You have no enemies. No one has any enemies. There is no one that you should hurt.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: Now that you've lost your enemy, you're finally able to have a look at yourself and realize the need to find your place.
Ryunosuke Umemiya: People can easily be overtaken by their emotions at any minute. You think everyone is fixed and not prone to change, but the smallest thing makes them become friends or fall out. But the truth is there's no such thing as allies or enemies in this world. Only pain caused by your own sense of right and wrong.
Kuwabara Kazuma: Urameshi is the type where the stronger his opponent is, the more fired up he gets, you know? It's a sort of perversion.
Takuan Sōhō: You'd сut me down if I were to even touch you. You keep your nerves on edge and you're always ready to lash out. You distance yourself from everyone. It's because you're afraid of people. You are the weakest person in this village.
Hōzōin In'ei: How many people have you killed? You must have faced so many enemies throughout your life, but you must understand...Enemies they were not...until you forced them to become so...Your own bloodthirst, turns everyone you encounter against you. How many more will you kill? That's not true strength. You're just clumsy and graceless.

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