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Fujiwara Takumi: I'm struggling to keep up after a series of corners. What's making the difference? The potential of the two Eight-Sixes? It can't be. This car's maintenance is handled by Ryosuke and Matsumoto, the best team out there. That means... I'm the one losing here.
Bunta: Someone called for you earlier. A girl... A pretty girl. She said she would call back.
Takumi: How could you tell she was pretty over the phone?
Bunta: I've developed good intuition over the years. Cars and women... it's all about experience and intuition.
Kenji: Did you get a good look at his braking drift, Iketani?
Iketani: Not really... no idea...
Kenji: So much for begging him to show you how.
Iketani: Yeah, but he made it look so simple that I realized... I'm not even close to understanding his technique! I feel like a better racer already!
Itsuki Takeuchi: How can you even call that a car? It's an ancient automatic with a freaking diesel engine. It's not a car. It's an antique!
Ren: What a whiny bunch of pests you are. The car was simply in my way.
Delinquent A: What? So you thought you'd kick it? Are you soft in the head?
Delinquent B: Call us pests, will you?
Ren: That thing coughs out exhaust fumes that pollute the air and make it hard to see the stars. What are you to this planet, if not pests?
Koichiro Iketani: When Tak drives that thing, it's more than an Eight Six. It's an instrument that shapes the road to its will... Maybe even magical.

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