Quotes tagged with "understanding" (best)

Tao En: Everyone has their own way. And no two ways are ever the same. For after all, people will never understand one another.
Yoh Asakura: It's fine. He just chose the option that made the most sense to him right now. We can't pretend to understand the sadness inside of him. So he sought out friends who could. If he feels at home with them, I'm happy for him.
About Lyserg.
Lyserg Diethel: That way we could understand each other. Only then can we form a true bond of friendship.
Yatora Yaguchi: Of course it's impossible to understand everything about art. Highbrow... High barriers to entry... Maybe it doesn't need to be like that. Thinking "I don't really get it," used to stop me in my tracks... But just now, I took a small step.
Kaname Sengoku: When you and a foreign presence are there, and you realize you can't understand it... Don't you think that becomes something very precious to you?

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