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Peyote Díaz: Chasing an empty dream with pitiable strength and rushing to your own death... If that's what manliness is, then I deem it foolish.
Bill Burton: Does rushing to the aid of your friends, knowing it meant death, make you a hero? Or just a fool?
Kurama: To think that he would fall into the trap on his own!
Hiei: He truly is a fool.
Genkai: No, he's a fool and an idiot.
About Kuwabara.
Anna Kyoyama: He's a fool whose stupidity can't be cured by 1,000 years or even death itself. He's a stubborn, petty, sweet little sleeping princess.
About Hao.
Tao Ren: That was your intention from the start too, right, Yoh? You've been evasive about it this whole time, but we've known each other for a long time now. The fool's so damn foolish that the power of his thoughts is much too strong. I finally see for myself that this is the only thing for it.

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