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Hakaze Kusaribe: Even if he hates me, being able to die with the knowledge that the one I love will never forget me... There is no greater happiness a woman could desire.
Siegfried Kircheis: Although he might forget the names of other commanders, he remembers the names of the members of his fleet. That's the kind of person Admiral Reinhard von Musel is.
Gintoki Sakata: Even if you lose your memory, you still retain it in your heart. You never lose the memories in your head, they are still deeply entrenched in your heart. That's what I believe.
What isn't remembered never happened. Memory is merely a record. You just need to re-write that record.
Dehdeh: The whales sing the song of the stars, and the wind carries the memories of the ocean. We've taken the messages from those memories and passed them down through songs and poems. But words are only able to capture a fraction of the language of the wind, just like a sail.
Re-l Mayer: We'd lose our minds if we remembered everything.
Hank Pym: Does Wasp still feel guilty over this? It would be great if I could only press a button and erase her memories of me... like a robot's program. Humans are pitiful... aren't we...
Erika: Kazuya! My memories... I think my memories are returning! But I'm afraid... I'm afraid of remembering!
Vincent Law: Do I not have memories? If not, can I even say I'm me?
Yoh Asakura: I forgot that I started training in the first place to become the Shaman King. I guess at some point, I started training just for the sake of training.
Rei Furuya: Only one thought would cross my mind... Shuichi Akai. If only I could forget you.
Drosselmeyer: You must never forget that Duck is a duck.
Chiaki Oogaki: Sharing in the labors, the losses... Making memories is the true flavor of camping!!
Kimie Nakaoka: I hate the Americans too. They've hurt us so much... But what can we do? We lost the war. We have to forget all that and get on with our lives.

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