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Bulma: If you're a god, don't get mad over a little pudding, idiot!
Komui Lee: It wasn't Komurin's fault. It was the coffee. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Hate the coffee not the Komurin
Mashiro: Why did you give me milk instead of tea? Are you looking down on me because I'm a child?
Kobeni: I just thought it would be better than tea or coffee. You don't like it?
Mashiro: No, it's my favorite!
Monkey D. Luffy: She said she was gonna destroy Fishman Island because you don't have any candy! She's nuts! I mean, I could understand if it was meat! Right?! But relax! I said I'd fight back!
Light Yagami: L, do you know? Shinigami love apples.
Gintoki Sakata: Overcoming the obstacle of these annoying seeds to eat the watermelon is the mini-drama, of sorts, that gives its flavor a sense of urgency and makes it even more delicious. Basically, when you eat a watermelon, you eat not the fruit, but the drama it creates.
Gowasu: The tea poured by one with a pure heart is clear and truly delicious.
Spanner: Man, I like the Japonese people, and Japone, because their robotic engineering is very advanced. Katakana and kanji are cool, and the scent of green tea is very mysterious somehow.
IchiryΕ«: The ones that the future can be entrusted to has always been those who can sit around the same dining table.
Yami: I'd like you to treat me to some taiyaki.
Rito: Yami...
Yami: About fifty of them...
Mikan: Wonder what kind of chocolate you're getting this year.
Rito: Just so long as there's no dark matter in it...
Rin: Want some ramen?
Nadeshiko: Ehh? You'll give me some!?
Rin: 1,500 yen.
Nadeshiko: C-Can you just bultibly this by fifteen...?
Rin: I was kidding.
Boruto: Where's Shinki?
Kankuro: I sent him to refill our water.
Boruto: Oh...I didn't know he drank water.
Kankuro: Of course, he does! He's someone's child.
Boruto: Eat my brain? Are you even human?!
Shojoji: Humans fundamentally are creatures that eat anything and everything, right? We were just raised differently, is all.
Washizaki Mimika: They say you'll catch a cold if you drink a sink's worth of iced coffee, right? I'm not very athletic, and so I did that cause I wanted to skip this. Not only did I not catch a cold, but I couldn't sleep at all.
Midori Kuriyama: It's not luck or ham sandwiches that wins cases. We "pork" hard for the money.
Yoh: Is it just me, or are you a little taller than you were before?
Ren: Of course, I am! I drink three glasses of milk a day!
Sakura: I'm gonna go buy breakfast from the convenience store. What do you want?
Nadeshiko: Barbecue fried rice and pudding and fried chicken and red bean bun and potato chips and Baumkuchen and ice cream and tonkotsu.
Sakura: Right, rice balls and tea, then.
Nadeshiko: Oh...
Matsuri Kazamaki: There's no way someone would confess their love with a mouthful of sweet potato.
Nadeshiko: Something that screams "camping"! I'm looking forward to tonight!
Aoi: So curry or something?
Nadeshiko: Y-You'll see!!
Chiaki: So curry, then?
Aoi: Gotta be curry.
Akira Akatsuki: Somehow, I've got a feeling it'll go great today! Maybe it's the hamburger I ate for dinner?
Jocasta: The probability of success for inexperienced persons to exactly follow the recipe and bake the desired result is 67%.
Iwabe Yuino: He's not even waking up for his favorite Thunder Burger, huh? This must be really serious.
About Boruto.
Marion Phauna: I just wish they wouldn't touch the controller after eating chips! Such greasy, grimy hands!
Misha: Yasuhiro! There's a weird girl outside my window! Come here!
Yasuhiro: Misha, you came to my room, and you even invited me to yours. All right! I'll get some sushi!
Tsubaki Kurogane: I'm still but a dull sword. We must... become a hamburger meal deal! Instead of just having fries, we must be like a hamburger meal deal, bringing out the best in each other!
Maki Kuwana: You need physical energy to paint, right? There are a lot of big eaters among artsy girls, aren't there? But I guess there's also a lot of boys who only eat a little. I wonder why.
Haruka Hashida: It's natural to have likes and dislikes. Expensive dishes don't always taste good.
Boruto: You dumped that important mission?
Sarada: Just get me a caramel macchiato and we're good.
Leticia: You should try different foods. Having different experiences is what makes life worth living.
Sun: My name's Sun! My favorite food's potatoes an' sweets!
Nagi: I thought neither of you were going to eat.
Sachi: Well, I'm not going to say no to food.
Erika: And my job is to eat.
Daikichi Nakaoka: I don't give a damn about the Emperor! We're starving to death! I bet the Emperor's never missed a meal in his life!
Palace: He just said something or other about "Saiyans." So I was about to suggest that he ask a vegetable grocer.
Mayaka: Time to get away from this! We're drinking tonight!
Hotaro: Now we're drinking?!
Mayaka: Oolong tea, mostly!
Gen Nakaoka: Ah, the pain of defeat... The war-mongers fight their stupid war and turn us into a country of vegetable-eaters!
Bessho Koyoi: Last year it was Sachertorte, the year before it was gateau chocolate, the year before that it was a chocolate blancmange... I wonder what I should make this year? Of course!! What about a super-ultra-huge chocolate wedding cake?!

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