Quotes tagged with "betrayal" (best)

Ren: Humans are selfish, stupid liars. But Replicants are different. So pure, so perfect. Never betrays. More human than human.
Sōsuke Aizen: Treachery you can see is one thing. What is truly dreadful is the treachery you can't.
Sesshomaru: If you don't have the resolve to go it alone, don't even think about betrayal.
Akira: How could I betray, when I never said I would obey?
Tamao: Jun and Pyron sure are close, aren't they, Ms. Anna?
Anna: He's married with kids, the dirty cheat!
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a prince who fell in love with a beautiful white swan. However, the prince fell into a foul trap set by the black swan and ended up betraying his beloved white swan. The prince swore his love unintentionally to the black swan. But even so, the white swan abandons herself and tries to protect her beloved prince. Now is the time when the depth of their love will be tried...
Hao Asakura: My head is always filled with thoughts I'd rather not know. Like those of that traitor, Peyote... So none of that business came as a surprise to me. I knew he was just going through the motions. I could see what was going on inside his head. But it wasn't just him. They were all afraid of me. I felt betrayed from the start.

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