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Nazuna: Okay, let's sleep.
Ko: You're gonna do dirty stuff to me?!
Nazuna: Huh? Nothing dirty. Just a guy and a girl, sleeping on the same futon.
Mahiro Fuwa: We don't know if this world is real or a dream. Maybe the world till now has been a convenient fake. But magic will probably disappear now. The dream is over.
Chiaotzu: I just had a dream where I got killed! I have a feeling something bad is going to happen tomorrow at the martial arts tournament.
Anglade: Perhaps this world we live in is all merely a dream. It was breathed into life by the countless shellfish in the depths of the ocean.
Yoh: Wake us up so we don't oversleep, okay, Amidamaru?
Amidamaru: Glad to be of service after so long.
Ren: Bason. I don't trust him on his own.
Bason: Your old faithful Alarm Bason, my liege.
Duck: There are some things that just don't change after a night's sleep.
Washizaki Mimika: They say you'll catch a cold if you drink a sink's worth of iced coffee, right? I'm not very athletic, and so I did that cause I wanted to skip this. Not only did I not catch a cold, but I couldn't sleep at all.
Ena: Well, I'm heading to bed.
Rin: You're sleeping again? Just go ahead and marry your bed.
Ena: No can do. I'm already married to my kotatsu. Such a thing would never be allowed.
Rin: Knock it off with your original soap opera.
Edel: Between a person who continues to dream and a person who's awoken from a dream, who is happier?
Ena: I woke up at three, but the warm embrace of my futon lulled me back to sleep.
Rin: You actually slept fourteen hours?
Tomo: Don't underestimate me! I once stayed up until 11:30!
Junichiro: That's all? I've stayed up until midnight before.
Tomo: Midnight?! That's the next day!
Bason: Tao En is a profoundly cautious man. So why is nobody around?
Yoh: Maybe they're all napping. I mean, I always take a nap around this time of day.
Iron Maiden Jeanne: Come to think of it, maybe I already woke up from my dream at that time when I wasn't sure what justice was anymore.
Narrator: Once upon a time, a witch's curse put a princess into an eternal sleep, and one young man appeared, intending to awake her. But a voice whispered, "Awaken the princess from her sleep? What a cruel thing to do." Is the princess not wishing for the kiss of awakening, but rather to continue to sleep forever?
Hideo Azuma: The great thing about physical work is you sleep real well afterwards.
Hideo Azuma: When I woke up from my dream of being battered by a cold wind, I was being battered by a cold wind! It totally failed to fulfill its duty as a dream!
Heike Masaomi: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, eternal rest... for the dead!
Hideo Azuma: I hung myself using the slope of the mountain. But I just ended up falling asleep.
Hideo Azuma: There's nothing better in the world than sleep. All the fools get up to work.

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