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Member of Shinsengumi: That sword is a Kikuichimonji RX-78! It has a built-in digital music player with a maximum playing time of 124 hours!
Mifune: A sword that is continuously honed will gain renown and will be passed on. And... Men who cling to their convictions and defend them become heroes whose stories live on throughout the ages!
Hrabia Monte Christo: All men have a blade in their heart. The purer the heart, the keener the blade.
Gintoki Sakata: In battle, the ones who burden themselves with regret are always the first to die. The only burden samurai should carry is their sword.
Lon Beruk: This sword is being made for you! It's being given life for you! It's not a normal weapon! It has a soul! When it answers your soul and accepts you as its wielder, it will unleash the world's greatest power! That's why you must bear witness to its birth!
To Dai.
Asta: We weren't chosen by mana. And so we'll make our own choices!!!! Demon-Slasher chooses what to cut. It's a katana that doesn't cut what it wants to protect!!!
Tsubaki Kurogane: I'm still but a dull sword. We must... become a hamburger meal deal! Instead of just having fries, we must be like a hamburger meal deal, bringing out the best in each other!
Silva: He brings that sword down on what he needs to in order to achieve his great dream!
About Yoh.
Narrator: Long ago, there was a warrior. In order to protect his friend, the warrior took his friend's life. Long ago, there was a sword. This sword had continued to fight for the sake of peace. It realized that in order to protect the peace, it had no choice but to kill the one who wielded it. Thus it took its master's life. The warrior and the sword had no choice but to do as they did, but was that really what they ought to have done? Uncertain of the answer even now, they wander aimlessly.
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a knight. The knight never faltered in his duty, no matter what it was. He did not even falter in taking the life of his lover. That was what he took pride in. But the knight could not do anything but carry out his duty, and even after his death, he still seeks a duty to carry out. They say the knight, who became a ghost and now haunts this world, holds in his hand the blood-stained sword that pierced his lover's breast.
Kuromomotaro: This is a fine sword!
Hiei: If you like it, I'll lend it to you. The rental fee will be your life.
Saeko Busujima: One who practices the way of the sword knows its demands. The skill of the wielder! The quality of the sword! And strength of mind!! If these demands are met, a sword will not lose its combative strength, no matter how many people it cuts down.

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