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Gintoki Sakata: Even if you lose your memory, you still retain it in your heart. You never lose the memories in your head, they are still deeply entrenched in your heart. That's what I believe.
Kamui: I want to soak my soul in your blood.
Kanade Ōe: I believe crying in the embarrassment is the sign of a beautiful soul.
Erika: Even if my body leaves this world, my soul will remain with you forever.
Manta: I look pretty rough, don't I? I can't believe I'm going to die looking like this...
Yoh: Don't be silly! If you die, I... I... I'll make you my Spirit Ally!
Manta: You idiot!
The One: Amongst all the souls in existence shall I find it. A pure soul. A gentle smile.
Richter: God of Barm, supreme being of the universe. Let the souls of those who have died gloriously in combat reach thy noble side. Grant them the eternal rest they deserve. And let their deaths serve to bring Barm to further greatness.
Hao Asakura: Tell me, how is your first taste of death? Surprisingly easy, isn't it? Death always has been and always will be inevitable. There is no one who feels the slightest bit of pain in death itself. The pain only exists in how the soul is, how it lives, and how it dies, you see.
Galo Thymos: It's burning hard. Well worth extinguishing. It sets my firefighter's soul on fire!
Ryu: It's all my fault for being so damn weak... Faust!
Faust: How can I help you, Ryu?
Ryu: Faust?
Faust: Faust's spirit, to be precise.
Ren: He's dead, that's all.
Horohoro: Don't tell me this still surprises you?

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