Quotes tagged with "kiss" (best)

Ishino: Why did you act like you had to work up so much courage just to kiss me, huh?
Takanashi: Because I felt like I was opening a door to a frightening world.
Mytho: When you've ripped out my heart, kiss it for me and dye your lips red with my blood.
Melida Angel: Your white hair. Your ears. Your nearly-translucent skin. I think they're all lovely. Like this... I admire you to the point I can't help kissing you.
Asahi Amagami: I suppose it's only natural... Who wouldn't go gaga if a hot older lady with huge boobs gave them a kiss?
Narrator: Once upon a time, a witch's curse put a princess into an eternal sleep, and one young man appeared, intending to awake her. But a voice whispered, "Awaken the princess from her sleep? What a cruel thing to do." Is the princess not wishing for the kiss of awakening, but rather to continue to sleep forever?
Shirogane: Don't make out at a shrine!

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